January 11, 2014

1/11/14. In my tent and worn out from fighting a fierce headwind most of the day. A guy pulled up beside me and reached his hand out holding a big ham sandwich from Jack in the Box, and two bananas! I thanked him, he nodded his head, said, “God bless you” and was gone. I barely saw what he looked like. That sandwich was awesome and I just ate the last of those really good bananas. I’m snuggled in from the cold because I have all the proper gear. My needs are met. Life spoils me rotten! I’m happy no matter what because I have forced myself past all the negative diversions keeping me from appreciating and loving my precious gift of Life above all else. It’s not easy to do at first. Eventually though, I saw the stupidity of spending time on any negative thinking. It’s negative, it does not and never will accomplish anything good. So, I’m getting better every single day at not wasting any time of my precious gift of Life thinking about stupid stuff. I’m getting better at loving Life. LOVE LIFE my dear friends, it increases our love for our fellow human being.

2 responses to “January 11, 2014

  1. Hey there Steve, Not everyone in Lancaster is as cold as our winds blowing. I enjoyed meeting you there on the corner of Avenue D & 87th Street West, Lancaster, CA
    Hope our well water was to your liking. If you are ever back in our area, we have a room for you to stay.
    Thanks for reminding me that LIFE is PRECIOUS.
    Walk on my friend, Walk on . . . Marilyn

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