January 12, 2014

1/12/14. Fought the wind so hard today I had to take the “LOVE LIFE” sign down and attach it to the rear of the cart. At least the drivers headed in my direction could see it. I’m in my tent sipping a beer and munching Fritos. Today was rough fighting that cold wind. And toward evening the terrain was changing and I started having some climbing along with the wind. One guy who was actually headed in the opposite direction turned around and offered to give me a ride into Gorman because he felt so sorry for me he said. I told him I felt sorry for me too! He laughed and after I told my story he understood why I was turning down the ride. At first though, he just couldn’t believe I wouldn’t give up the battle against the cold wind for his wind-free warm car. I’m committed to what I do. I just don’t give up! Because, I’ve experienced the joy of being instrumental in touching the lives of others. There is no greater joy in life than helping another continue to LOVE LIFE.

NEVER give up my sweet friends. If you but push past the tears and the ache in your precious heart, there is a place of rest within you, a sanctuary which allows you to deal with your pain in your own special and unique way. A unique way hard-wired into your very being, there waiting for a great act of faith to be shouted out into the wide open ears of the universe, “I LOVE LIFE!!” You are then telling the universe how much you do truly LOVE and appreciate your gift of LIFE and that you are then trusting that everything will be okay.