December 5

11/5/13. Leaving Westmoreland, California sometime this morning on CA state route 68 headed for the next town, Julian, 64 miles away. I’m being told by locals that about twenty miles from here the scenery changes and starts becoming very beautiful.

Why a LOVE LIFE attitude at all times? Why force ourselves to look at the beauty of our wonderful gift, our life, instead of dwelling on past mishaps and even difficulties facing us in the present? Why force ourselves to do something as difficult as changing and stepping up and away from blaming others, whining and complaining, when it is accepted by society today as just part of life. I’ll tell you why, because when we are positive and even happy about our life, it gives others around us another perspective and may just encourage them to love their life and look past their problems, realizing the problem is never really larger than the precious gift of life. Our young people today need to have LOVE LIFE attitudes around them to encourage them, they need us loving our life in front of them as an example of how it should be, and not hearing the negativity of blame and complain!

I have looked into the eyes of young men and women who had convinced themselves the world would be better off without them. In that first moment I used to be horrified, because, I knew I did not have their answer. I pushed past that initial fear though, because, I had learned that within them, they had their own answer. And I then went to work helping them to find their own ability to love their life just the way it was and to push on. Their answer within is their own ability to love their gift of life no matter what confronts them. How much easier for them to get past modern societies acceptance of negativity and be positive instead, when they can see it working for another, working for me, working for YOU. Now go meet the day with a fresh “I LOVE my LIFE damnit!” attitude, you may just be saving a life. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER BE NEGATIVE IN FRONT OF OUR PRECIOUS YOUNG PEOPLE, THEY NEED US!!!!!! For that matter, NEVER be negative in front of anyone no matter their age.

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  1. Hey steve I met you on hwy 78 on your way to Julian CA … Hope my jacket keeps you warm …love life… Nice meeting you

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