40 down and 8 to go!!!! Let’s support Steve in his amazing journey sharing “LOVE LIFE” message.

'40 down and 8 to go!!!! Let's support Steve in his amazing journey sharing  "LOVE LIFE" message.'




Ways you can support Steve and his LOVE LIFE Walk thru the 48 States

Spread the LOVE LIFE message by wearing your own LOVE LIFE sign on your shirt. Support Steve Fugate and his Love Life Zig Zag walk across the country. For more information on Steve and his story please visit and visit him on his facebook page Love LIFE walk. All profit from each LOVE LIFE sale goes to the LOVE LIFE walk. This page is dedicated to those projects and causes we personally believe in and support with our time, talent, and by donating a portion of proceeds from each sale. By purchasing these products you too will be supporting the cause, both by the contribution we will make from the sale as well as raising awareness for the charity each time you wear your shirt.

Go to At The River Outfitters


Support Steve's Walk

Wear Your Sign



10 responses to “Support

  1. I had the honor of meeting you today! I’m the lady that you found on the top of Torrey Pines Rd. Hopefully you found your way to La Jolla Blvd and from there all the way to Sea Port Village and Coronado! Your positive attitude and love of life made a difference in my very rushed life.
    I will show your life to my three kids! You are an amazing person!

  2. hi steve, thank you for doing this for all. i feel for you and bless you for taking a stand your way in your heart, We need people like you more in this world. I come from SOUTH AFRICA, Cape Town exact and we have problems a great deal here as you yourself have gone through. I shall continue to watch and be with you and think of you every day. trish with love

  3. Hi Steve,

    I just read your touching story on You’ve inspired me to remain hopeful even during the toughest times. You’ve inspired me to be adventurous and remind me that whatever I may be going through (whether it be good or bad), the world always has much more to offer me. Most of all, you’ve showed everyone the importance of spreading the love EVERYWHERE WE GO! I admire you for your spirit, your courage, and your never-ending optimism. You are a wonderful human being 🙂 Congratulations on your 8th trek throughout the US!! Rooting for you from West Covina, CA!! 🙂 ❤

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