June 13, 2015

Might piss some off with this one… God, I hope so!

If one can be cruel to a dog or cat, that person can be equally cruel to a human. If one feels they have the right to hold a higher status over another human being in their life, they are then capable of thinking they can do this with all human beings. To prove my point, I am fairly certain, those evil people in the Mid-East who behead and even burn alive other precious human beings, are members of a religion that practices placing themselves over certain other human beings in status, the female! We have civil rights laws and hate crime laws designed to prevent discrimination and crimes against others because of skin color, gender and sexual persuasion. What if someone charged with a civil rights violation or a hate crime said, “But judge, it’s our religion to treat those people like that.” Wouldn’t fly would it? One human being claiming power over another is an evil. Doing so in the name of religion, in my mind, is an even greater evil. I told a Mennonite man once, after he had answered my question and said that yes, Mennonite men can dress any way they want but the women must at least always wear that little lace cap, “well, I think then that you guys oughta have to wear Mickey Mouse ears.” And because those precious ladies and little girls have grown up thinking they truly are lower than the men (it’s even disgusting to me just saying that!) and go along with it, does not make it right! Yes, in this country we practice freedom of religion and so they are allowed to get away with the evil practice of treating the woman as less than an equal. So, that means that I have to stand shoulder to shoulder with that self-righteous man and defend his right to practice his religion even though that religion endorses such an evil. But, I ain’t a gonna hang around with their ass! I do not want such a person as a friend. I wonder would they stand shoulder to shoulder with me to defend my right to think they’re completely wrong and totally self-righteous for practicing such an obvious evil. LOVE LIFE, Love and respect all women, all human beings, for they are ALL an equal part of that Life.