June 9, 2015

An old guy (maybe older than me) pulled his really old conversion van up alongside me, opened up the sliding side door and said, “Here, the ol lady saw ya earlier and said for me to bring ya this stuff.” There were about 10 plastic grocery bags filled with all kinds of stuff! Mostly canned goods. There was even a bag of uncooked rice! I explained it was way too much weight. He pulled out a huge can of beef stew and said, “How bout this here?” I said, “That’s two pounds man, and anyway I don’t cook out here” He asked could I use the 2 one gallon jugs of water. I showed him my 5 gallon hydration system filled with ice water. He kept offering up stuff and I kept politely saying no and explaining why. He said, “My ol lady is gonna be so pissed!” I suggested he take it all to a local homeless shelter and his wife would never be the wiser. The little guy pushed back his camo ball cap, scratched his head and said, “look, it ain’t like I won’t lie to her, it’s just that I don’t never get by with it, she always knows!” I was feeling for him (having been married 28 years) so I picked out a couple things I might use and said, “There, that’ll make the lie smaller” He grinned and said, “I might pull that one off.” As he was walking away he said, “She said it was that sign what touched ‘er. I like it too sir. You stay safe now.” LOVE LIFE my friends