May 26, 2015

Steve Fugate's photo.

That truck is a lot more seriously stuck than pic shows. Yelled down from bridge to a young mommy in a folding chair, breastfeeding her baby with 3 toddlers running around her, “How y’all gonna get that outa’ there?” She shrugged her shoulders and yelled up to me, “they’ll figger it out!” She motioned her head toward 3 young shirtless men, all built like Lance Armstrong. After asking them the same question, one of ’em said, “We’ll figger it out after we get through fishin’.” God I love rednecks! Call me a redneck, call me a good ol’ boy, call me a cracker, but don’t ever BY GOD, call me an intelectual!!!! An intellectual is the absence of wisdom. And they are in control of the world. I’m on a mission to take back as much of it as I can with the LOVE LIFE message!