May 20, 2015

5/20/2015. I’m at Orangeburg, SC which means I’ve done 10,000 miles on this walk and a total of 40,000 miles for all my walks combined. I am still 481 miles from Vero Beach, Florida and finishing what I started.

I have found something that few of us ever actually find, my own true individuality. We never find it because we are conditioned from birth to follow what the rest of our manmade society does and thinks. We are presented with manmade politics and manmade religions to choose from. These choices become our boxes which keep us all thinking the same. So, to think outside the box I had to first make certain I was not in a box. We tend to forget that these boxes are manmade, and that all manmade things are fallible. Each manmade box is a part of a division of precious human beings one from the other, thus, stopping the flow of love, one from the other. We are not born collectively, we are born individually, one at a time, and that is exactly the way we are originally designed to think, individually.

Those confining boxes are presented to us, and in many cases, forced upon us, nearly at birth. They are not natural to us. Our power is in our individuality not in numbers. I’ve watched those boxes my whole life, doing a lot of rattling but really changing nothing. So, I got tired of chasing my own tail like the rest of society and I stepped out of the box! We do not need a box. It is impossible to think outside the box until we leave the box. So, not being subject to the herd mentality of the manmade boxes, I’m now thinking out of the box every time I think, is that cool or what. I’m sure that most of the world’s population disagrees with me… that’s cool too! God, I Love being me. I have found my own unique individuality. Finding my real individuality took me to a place of higher Love. The Love that only dwells deep in our hearts.

Believe in yourself because you are unique. Because you are unique one out of more than 7 billion. Believe in yourself because you are special. Special because there is no one else in the world like you… your DNA says so. I sincerely Love you. Love your Life.