May 17, 2015

Steve Fugate's photo.

Jim & Carol Tabbert drove up from Vero Beach, Florida to give their new motor home a test and visit friends who live about two hours away from where I am in Camden, SC. They drove over to see me yesterday evening. They took home for me, about 50 pounds of winter gear and assorted souvenirs I’ve accumulated along the way. They took me to Lowes to purchase the cooler and tubing I need to set up my hydration system for the trip home. Jim had to use his masterful people skills to persuade the staff at to drill a hole in the coolers lid for me to run the tubing thru. Actually, they brought me a drill and insisted I be the one to drill the hole. Having ice water to drink and a place to keep the occasional Gatorade cold, can definitely make walking the roads of the South and the West, in summer, a whole lot easier! They took me out for dinner and of course, we had an awesome time. It was so wonderful seeing friends who were actually there with me when I left Vero Beach over two years ago. Carol and I have been friends since the early 70’s. Carol is the talented artist who has done the illustrations from time to time, depicting my walk over the past two years. What a blessing true friends are. LOVE LIFE.