May 14, 2015

5/14/2015, Cheraw, SC. From the very bottom of my heart, THANK YOU ALL for the beautiful and heartfelt response to my having finished my goal of walking into all the lower 48!! I am still 600 miles from home. I have changed my route again. I will not take route 52. I am now back on my original planned route. I change routes when it is possible to find a safer highway (wider shoulders) to walk on. My route home basically:

US-1 SOUTH to US-601 SOUTH to US-301 SOUTH to US-1 SOUTH.

At Camden, SC I will get on US 601 S. At Bamberg, SC I will get on US-301 S. and take it to Homeland, GA where I will get on US-1 S. which I will stay on until I get home to beautiful Vero Beach, Florida!

I will be within 50 miles or pass thru theses South Carolina cities: Florence, Hartsville, Camden, Columbia, Lexington, Sumter, Orangeburg, Barnwell, and Walterboro.

At Orangeburg, SC I will have covered 10,000 miles on this walk and a total of 40,000 miles in all my walks. I’m trying to get home fast! I will be the guy you see with a big “LOVE LIFE” sign over his head, and smoke coming out his ass! LOVE LIFE, there is no one else in the world like you! YOU are special, know it and then… act like it!

“Of course there are miracles today, the discovery of DNA proves that in a human population of over seven billion, we are all uniquely individual one from the other, truly a miracle.” ~ Steve Fugate