May 12, 2015

Steve Fugate's photo.

The Lawson family of Lynchburg, VA. They were at the same restaurant this morning in Rockingham. I recognized them as the family I walked past last night at the side of the road with their car broke down. A tow truck was already there. Their car was being repaired they said. I told them I always feel a bit awkward walking up on people who’ve been stopped for speeding or their car has broken down. Mrs Lawson said, “Oh no, your sign made us feel better! Things don’t always go the way you like but you got to always love life. As soon as we got to the motel I looked up who you was. We’re going to keep following you sir!” Mr Lawson said, “Forty thousand miles, wow!” I LOVE LIFE because it is filled with beautiful people. Seeing the beauty in others gives us a beauty we’ll never achieve with makeup nor fine clothing