April 30, 22015

4/30/2015. I’m leaving Burkeville, Virginia this morning on U.S. Route 360 West to U.S. 58 West. Just before Danville, VA, I will take VA 119 South into North Carolina, which is about 80 miles away. In North Carolina, I will take NC 119 South to NC 62 South to NC 49 South to U.S. 220 to South to NC 134 South to NC 24 to NC 109 South to NC 742 into South Carolina. I will be within 50 miles or less to the North Carolina cities of, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Burlington, Hillsborough, High Point, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Asheboro, Salisbury Kannapolis Concord, Charlotte, and Fayetteville.

LOVE LIFE because any other attitude toward our precious gift of Life is a total waste of time brought on by fear. Any other attitude than LOVE for our precious gift of LIFE is negative. Entertaining negatives is stupid and quite immature. Screw fear! Resist it and LOVE LIFE! Be like me, I ain’t afraid of Jack Shit! THAT is why I’m able to be happy all the time.

“Make sure your friends all think you might be a little nuts but have your neighbors convinced.” ~ Steve Fugate