April 30, 2015

4/29/2015. Bless all your hearts out there, my many friends who cannot understand why major media doesn’t cover my LOVE LIFE walks more, no matter how many times so many of you have contacted them with my story. Well, it’s probably because I just cannot quit speaking from my heart and saying stuff like this:

Before I can vote for a political candidate, or believe in a God, do I really have to join some manmade group talking about love, unity, conformity, and accepting change, all the while encouraging division by wanting me to choose their group and not the other?

Earth is rotating at more than 1000 miles per hour in space and moving around the sun at about 67,000 miles per hour. Distances in space are measured in light-years; the distance light travels in a year at 186,000 miles per second! The discovery of DNA has shown us that aside from the personal and physical characteristic differences already known, we are totally genetically different one from the other in a pool of over 7 billion! That, to me, is an absolute miracle, we really are individuals! Then, zoom in on us, Left, Right, and Moderate… that’s it? Can we really be serious? Such small and limited thinking. Groups and their attached labels are minimal, confining, menial, and dividing. Division weakens. No labels for me, I want nothing to divide me from my precious fellow human being and weaken my love for them.

Politicians and preachers bellowing out how to solve our problems, for thousands of years now. Our problems have not been solved. Yet we keep listening. We’re no different than the dog chasing its tail. Well, I stopped listening to them. I’ve discovered my own unique, innate individuality, one, in over 7 billion, and I listen to a drummer different than the herd mentality of today’s broken society labeling and dividing us one from the other. That drummer is the beating of my own heart. I now listen to my own heart and not to a broken society. I have found my own true individuality, I have found LOVE. I have learned to LOVE LIFE. I have learned to LOVE. I have learned not to separate myself from my beloved fellow human being with man made groups, void of Love and Wisdom.