April 29, 2015

Steve Fugate's photo.
Randy Pike went to Vero Beach High School and was a member of the marching band with my son Stevie. He now runs his own business from San Antonio, TX, and is in the Burkeville, VA area on business. We have tried to hook up out on the road over the last two days but kept missing each other. When I got into Burkeville yesterday I checked into a motel. When Randy called last night for my location to try and find me once more, guess what, we were in the same motel! He told me that my endeavors over the years have been a great encouragement to him personally. Hearing that and being with someone who actually knew my little boy, well, priceless! In the little family restaurant next to the motel, our sweet little waitress shared with us that she had tried at one time to take her own precious life! I immediately put her hand in mine and said, “Thank God you are still with us! Thank God you were not able to do that to your family!” She said she had learned how wrong she had been and that she would never ever be so foolish again. I gave the little darling a pep talk anyway. Thank you Randy Pike for a great evening. LOVE LIFE and you will want all others to find what you have found. But you won’t need to hand out any literature. A LOVE LIFE attitude speaks volumes. I can be both seen and felt by others in your presence