April 27, 2015

I am in my tent on RR property about six mile east of Burkeville, VA. Just got a call from a man, Jay Fodrie, that I met but a couple of hours ago. He hauls grain corn to a Tyson owned plant where they make up their feed. Anyway, he called to tell me that he watched me walk away until I was out of sight. Jay said his eyes were filled with tears and that he felt Love and concern for me but that he was so very thankful for what I was doing. I thanked him for his tears. See why I cry a lot out here? People are just good! But, we have to give them opportunity to show it. We do that by not succumbing to fear. They then, let go their own fears.

Recently I’ve had some people coming on my Fb trying to correct me and telling me they do not approve of certain things I say. So, it is time for me to repeat this: Now listen up! I am well over 18 years of age and both my parents are deceased. I am an individual who is quite confident in doing things MY way! I do not give a flying Frisbee if you think I’m not being religiously correct or if I’m not being politically correct. I grew up in a bible belt and I had to constantly protect my sovereign individuality against religious correctness. Now, as an adult, I find myself having to defend it against political correctness. So. I say to you purveyors of both religious correctness and political correctness, “You may both correctly kiss my ass! Right or Left side, your choice 🙂. I LOVE my LIFE and I Love YOU. Never let anyone other than yourself tell you what to do!!!!

“Its love your neighbor even as yourself not make your neighbor even as yourself. Love life and mind your own damn business.” ~ Steve Fugate