April 26, 2015

4/26/2015. Last Wednesday morning just outside Culpepper, VA, I heard behind me, “Sir, sir, hold up please.” I turned around to see a young black man with a smile that would turn anyone’s day to good. He couldn’t have been more than 18 and he was offering me two crisp twenty dollar bills. Because of his young age, I asked was he sure? “Oh yes sir, I believe in what you’re doing sir and I know you’ll spend it wisely.” Then he turned to run back to his car. I was stunned, someone that young doing and saying something like that, wow! Made my day.

Later, I went into the Dick’s Sporting Goods in Culpepper for my first chance in weeks to start buying my much needed new clothes. I found most of what I needed but knew I was paying top dollar for it. As the clerk was preparing to ring up my purchases, I asked had he spoken to the manager about my request for a discount. I was told the answer had been, no. I asked to see the manager and then told her all about why I walked. She said no. I explained to her that Danner Boots gives me my boots, that Eastern Mountain Sports has supplied me with a tent and other expensive items, that Leki furnishes my Trekking Poles, that Bass Pro has equipped me in the past, at no cost, and that Cabela’s sells to me at their cost. It didn’t faze her, she still said no. She said no again when I asked for at least a 5% discount. I thought about that fine young man’s words about my spending wisely. I told her I had changed my mind, I wasn’t buying there.

Well, I went across the street to Sports Authority and they gave me a 15% discount. Belk’s, next door, gave me a 20% discount. I still have to buy a couple things but even if I have to pay high for them, I’ll still be about $100.00 less than my total would’ve been at Dick’s. I think the young man would be proud of me. I also think Dick’s Sporting Goods was probably started by a Dick. 🙂

“You cannot Love Life and complain about it at the same time.” ~ Steve Fugate