April 25, 2015

In my tent alongside the James River, snug, dry, and warm after walking most of the day in a cold and constant rain. Came upon a father with his four sons, ranging in age from 15 to early twenties, and 12 year-old daughter fishing in the pouring rain! They had stretched a big blue tarp from four trees which kept them and their hotdog loaded grill, at least partially dry. They were all covered in mud, laughing, and having a blast. “Get under the tarp here and have a hot dog and tell us your story.” said the father. I asked him were they catching anything and he said, “Nah, we’re just havin’ fun and watchin’ that river flow by.” The youngest boy asked me a lot of questions. After my hotdog and being told a good spot to pitch my tent, dad said, “Now you be sure n’ tell all them Facebook people that the Cave family from Goochland, Virginia took good care of you.” Life gets better and better when it knows that we are appreciating it as the best gift we’ll ever recieve. That’s why I LOVE LIFE.