April 20, 2015

Steve Fugate's photo.
Matthew J. Pesin and his lady Michelle, drove down from Hagerstown, MD last night. It was dark and pouring rain so I went into a restaurant and bar called The Beautiful South and we met up there. By the time they got there I was being bought drinks and asked lots of questions. It seemed that nearly everyone in the bar had seen me walking earlier. I stayed at Matthew’s home in California in 2003 during my walk around the U.S. Michelle and I talked long. She’s had much pain in her precious life. She lost her husband and her father 2 days apart! Six months later, her mother took her own life. And on Saturday, she had to have her cat of 17 years, put down. Bless her heart! We got motel rooms because it was pouring rain. This morning Michelle told me it had meant a lot to her when I told her she would make her loved ones proud of her if she she found the joy they all want so very much for her to have. LOVE LIFE and lets mend the broken heart while it is yet beating. Matthew it was great seeing you again!