April 20, 2015

Just outside Warrenton, VA on US Rte 15 south headed for Culpepper where I’ll get on US Rte 522 south. I’ll stay on that for nearly 60 miles and then take several state routes to US 360. Just made it into tent befote rain and lightning.

A very lovely young lady stopped this evening and said the Warrenton local paper had ran my story online. She started crying as she told me of the impact it had on her. She said she recently became a single parent with four children. She told me that all she could think about was, how am I going to do this! She said there had even been thoughts of ending it all. After she read my story, she said, it gave her hope. Ladies and gentlemen, you could not hand me a million dollars and make me feel any better than her words did. We hugged several times. And while she was crying, I told her that LOVE LIFE was the most powerful set of two words in the world. And holding her hands, I looked straight in her eyes and told her there was another very powerful set of two words. Though not as powerful as LOVE LIFE, they are indeed powerful enough to help get us to a LOVE LIFE attidude. Still looking into her eyes, I asked, “Do you know what they are?” Through sniffling, the little sweetheart said, “No.” I said, “F*‪#‎k‬ it!” She roared in laughter and said, “Perfect!” Love your fellow human being more than yourself. Make them laugh it heals you both.