April 18, 2015

Some facts to answer some of your questions:

Before this walk, I had walked across the U.S. 6 times and 30,000 miles. I had walked in all the lower 48 states.On this Zigzag Walk my goal was to walk into all the lower 48 in one continuous walk. I left Vero Beach, Florida on March 23, 2013. I’ve now walked over 9,000 miles on this walk and crossed the U.S. 2 more times. At Kittery, Maine, I had 8 complete crossings of the U.S. At Putnam, CT, I reached 39,000 miles walked. Somewhere in Georgia I will have 40,000 miles accumulated. On this walk, I have done 44 states and have 4 left. That should become 2 left when I cross into VA and WV today or tomorrow. I will then have North and South Carolina left to complete my goal of walking into all the lower 48 in one walk. I have already done Georgia and Florida. In all my walks, I have worn out over 50 pair of shoes. I have walked into each state at least twice and some several times. Included in my total mileage walked, is the 2000 miles of my Appalachian Trail hike.

This is my last long distance walk. I’ll be 69 in June and my knees are making noises they didn’t used to make.. And my right foot which had to be reattached after a motorcycle wreck in 1969 has decided to just now make the doctor’s words to me back in ’69, that my injury would always prevent me from walking or running for long stretches at a time, to come to pass. Doc was only off about 46 years, it is starting to bother me a little more. NEVER EVER quit!!!! LOVE LIFE and embrace it for both emotional and physical healing. LOVE of LIFE gives us the strength to push forward and carry on.