April 18, 2015

Eric Trarieso from Venezuela, stopped and asked in his very strong accent, “What it is, this love life?” After I told him why I walk, he had me look inside his car and pointed to a picture taped in front of the speedometer where he always would look at it. He said, “That is my only child, my son, Lendel. April 1, last year, one month before his 16th birthday, he took his own life. He suffered severe depression. Because I Love him so very much, I have promised him I will love life with all my heart. I am going to live the life my boy was unable to live. I am going to live a life of joy! We talked and we hugged several times, good long hugs! I call what I do Trail Therapy. And I’m fond of saying, Trail Therapy is like all other trails, it goes both ways. This encounter proved it. I needed to meet Eric today. And of course, our meeting was just another coincidence. 🙂  LOVE LIFE my friends… it heals.