April 17, 2015

4/17/2015. I’m in a motel at Frederick, MD. This morning, George Misulia, father of Mark Misulia who stopped to talk yesterday evening, stopped and thanked me for talking to his son. I told him it was my honor talking to such a fine young man. George said I have had a huge impact on his son and insisted on giving me a twenty. Later, a Frederick County Deputy Sheriff, Eric Hamrick, stopped and after asking what I was doing, asked could I do him a favor. While riding his motorcycle the previous night, his car keys had slipped out of his jacket pocket and he asked could I please look for them as I was walking. Bless the fine officers heart, I looked diligently but was unable to locate them along the two mile stretch he indicated.

Struggling from traffic light to traffic light and sometimes having a sidewalk or shoulder and sometimes having neither, I was facing in Frederick, MD, that which I dread when walking in any city. A lady jumped out of her car at a busy intersection and said, “Are you Steve? I am so honored to meet you. My son has some emotional problems and you have been such an inspiration to us! I have to go but here is some money for you and please keep doing what you do.” She handed me a twenty. Wow, just when the hustle and bustle of the city was starting to get to me, I get hit right in the heart with a reminder of why it is all worth it.

Checking into the motel tonight, the young clerk told me she had just returned from her native country after losing her 43 year-old sister to a heart attack. A mere 30 days ago! Bless her heart! We talked. LOVE LIFE, Love all our fellow human beings, reach out to others when they tell of their hearts being broken. There is a reason they’re sharing it with us. When we concentrate on the mending of another’s broken heart, we are mending our own. Be all you can be… LOVE LIFE.