April 15, 2015

4/15/2015. Sunday morning a young lady, 20 year-old Nicole came running out of a C-store all excited about my beautiful “LOVE LIFE” sign. She kept running out when she had no customers, taking pictures and talking to me. The little darling explained that she had once tried to end her precious life. She said her parents gave her up when she was 13. We talked about her new Love of Life and why and how she has to insist on Loving her Life.

Yesterday morning in the Hickory, MD Waffle House, Jeff Kundratic, came over and sat down at my booth wanting to know all about what I was doing. On his way out he paid for my breakfast. The cook, Joe, a young man you couldn’t help but notice, because he was at least 6′ 8″ and towered over everyone, came over and asked to hear my story. He is in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and said his brother, also a Marine, was killed last year in Afghanistan. He thanked me over and over for walking with “LOVE LIFE” over my head. As I was walking away in the rain, that fine young man was at the window, towering over everyone, waving goodbye with a most beautiful smile on his handsome face. What rain??

Later, a lady stopped and gave me a delicious ham & cheese sandwich she had hurried home to make for me after spotting me walking in the rain. She threw in some leftover Easter candy as well, jelly beans. What rain?? And later on, Jim Morse stopped and took me to a motel. I have to LOVE LIFE. I’ve learned that because I try ever so hard to Love everyone without judgment, complaint, or blame, I receive in return, that same pure Love. If you are not experiencing such Love in your Life, make absolutely certain you are trying very hard to give out a Love unhindered by the anger of judgment, complaint and blame.