April 11, 2015

4/11/2015. I will leave Wilmington, DE, this morning on DE 92 West and eventually end up on DE 2 headed toward Newark, DE. I will enter Maryland today or earlytomorrow on route 273 which I will take to U.S. Hwy 1 South.

I was 54 years-old before I really began to mature. It was at that age I began to see that no matter how mild it seemed to me, no matter even if I tried to keep others from seeing it, any degree what so ever, of complaint, blame, anger, and hatred, was completely immature and kept me from finding the beauty of Life. At that age I began to realize that negatives have never accomplished anything throughout the existence of humankind. Complaining, blaming, anger, and hatred are negatives and foreign to Love, therefore weakening the awesome positive power of pure Love. The less negatives I entertain, the more Love will dwell within me. I LOVE LIFE more and more which enables me to Love my fellow human being more and more. There can be no greater goal in Life than to Love more.