April 10, 2015

4/10/2014. I am at Brandywine, DE. As I am not permitted to walk on interstate highways. My routes thru DE and MD are too numerous to list. To get my exact route: Go to Google Maps, put in Brandywine, DE to Harpers Ferry, WV. Then choose ‘car’ as transportation mode. Check ‘no highways’ and ‘no tolls’ as route choices. That is my route thru Delaware and then Maryland. For the rest of my route, simply add Vero Beach, Florida.

I thank all of you so very much for following my Love LIFE walk. The support from my Facebook friends has been incredible! Because of an extremely cold winter and that my route is about 1200 miles longer than any previous walk, this has been my most difficult walk. But having my Facebook friends all over this country and the world, it has truly been my best walk! I look forward to meeting even more of you as I cover the next 1100 miles to get home. Thank you for the energy y’all have provided me. I Love you ALL. LOVE LIFE.