April 5, 2015

4/5/2015. I am leaving Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Bridgewater Branchburg today after 2 days of rest amongst the greatest people bestowing upon me the greatest courtesies. More tears when I picked up an envelope yesterday afternoon which had been pushed under the door. On the envelop:

“Mr. Fugate, It has been a true pleasure to meet you. I hope this helps on your wonderful journey. You are a true inspiration to everyone you cross paths with. I know you have made a difference to us here at the Holiday Inn.”
Love Life,
Holiday Inn Express,
Branchburg Staff

There was $50.00 in the envelope. A young couple living in the area, saw my story on Facebook and came by for a visit. We laughed and hugged a lot! They too, gave me an envelope containing money. They also offered to purchase my room for another day, but I was anxious to get headed back to Florida. There is so much Love out there for us when we learn to Love. Then my very good friend, Todd Welch and his nephew, Bryan, drove down from Easton, PA and took me out for calamari and a cold IPA. Todd drove over from St Petersburg, FL to see me near Lakeland, FL, when I first started this walk in March 2013.

I am loving Life. I am putting my absolute appreciation for being alive, in front of any and all obstacles which may be in my path as I walk through this glorious and most magnificent gift, Life! The good always far outweighs the bad when we add it up. We sometimes though, in our self-pity, tend to count only the bad. Give your utmost attention to the good, and only enough attention to the bad for the lesson it teaches, and then quickly move on and prepare for more good. LOVE LIFE.