April 4, 2015

4/4/2015. Well, I’m crying again this morning. An envelope had been shoved under my door last night. In it was a note:

I saw you on my way to work this morning so I decided to google you when I got in. My heart dropped when I read your story. I lost my brother to suicide on Good Friday 6 years ago. Today when no one else knew, it was going to be a sad day, you managed to make me smile. I am so grateful for what you do. You really do help people love life and bring warmth into their lives. Thanks for making today. Here is a little something to help you continue your journey. Good luck and stay safe. God Bless!

There was $200.00 in the envelope. Love your gift of Life because there are so many precious people ready to give back the Love we put out when we but simply show our appreciation for our gift of Life. LOVE LIFE.