March 30, 2015

3/30/2015. Still in Parsippany, NJ today where I’ve been nursing a cold. My friends Marice Leo and her man, Bill, brought food and medicine to me so I am feeling much better. I’ve decided not to push it and will stay one more day. I’m thinking, walking through one of the worst winters on record and coming out of it with only a cold, is doing pretty darn good. So, I’m happy. I am getting real homesick for Florida though and I will be leaving tomorrow on U.S. 202 South headed toward PA. and then to Brandywine, DE staying on 202 mostly. I have to take some alternate routes when 202 runs with interstate highways, which all are limited access, meaning no pedestrians. To follow my exact route: go to Google maps and choose car for mode of transportation. Under Route Choices, check ‘no tolls’ and ‘no highways.’ Put in Days Inn, Parsippany, NJ to Brandywine, DE. to Harpers Ferry, WV to Vero Beach, Florida.

I thank all of you so very much for following my walk and for your support. Please make my walk mean something by trying with all your hearts to LOVE LIFE. To LOVE LIFE past all negative thoughts by refusing them entry. Yes, it takes a lot of practice to get really good at it. I promise you though, if you are persistent, there will come a time when you will realize it is actually easier to remain positive than to be negative. Take authority over your precious Life, you’re a good person and you deserve only positive thinking. Because, THAT is who YOU really are.

“Let’s face this new day for what it is, a new gift to replace the gift we received yesterday. It is an even better gift than yesterday because it is brand new and fresh.” ~ Steve Fugate