March 28, 2015

Eric Zimmerman

It was a very hot summer day in 2001 and I was getting ready to cross some of the most arid and desolate lands in the United States. Knowing this, I was starting to question just what the hell was I thinking to take on such an enormous and challenging undertaking. I had just entered Fallon, Nevada, the home of the U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School, also known as “TOPGUN.” A very skinny little guy with nothing on but a pair of Levi’s that appeared to have been put on brand new, at least a year before and then never washed. They were completely tattered at the bottoms from scraping the ground due to not staying up on his skinny body; they had nothing to hang onto. The parts of him not covered by the dirt stiffened Levi’s, looked like a piece of dark leather left out in the sun way too long. He was walking toward me very fast and before I knew it, he was right in my face. I mean, literally, right in my face. “Hi!” he said, “My name’s Eric Zimmerman!” Now, like most people, I do not like someone putting their face right up into my face like that. And just as I was thinking, “Eric Zimmerman, if you do not get your face out of mine, I’m going to make a nice ladies handbag out of your skinny little ass,” I looked down and saw Eric’s bony little hand outstretched to shake mine. That’s when I looked in Eric’s eyes and saw the simple sweetness. His eyes were dancing along with his laughter. He was in his own little world. Eric then said, “Love life huh, I love life too! I’m gonna’ get me one of them “LOVE LIFE” signs and walk all over with it!” “Yeah, you do that Eric Zimmerman” I said, now laughing as well. Eric walked away still laughing and very much delighted with the idea of getting his very own “LOVE LIFE” sign!

After I left Eric Zimmerman, I got to thinking, I thought Eric Zimmerman was a little nuts, yet Eric Zimmerman loved my sign and thought it a great idea to walk all over the country with it just like I was doing. Maybe Eric Zimmerman wasn’t the only nut in our brief encounter. That’s the convenience of being nuts… we’re always happy! LOVE LIFE with all your heart before anything else in your life and you, may just find yourself being looked at by some as a little nuts.