March 26, 2015

Ahliah Zia Shoshonah, asked me yesterday, how I stay upbeat continually. Here is my answer. I’ve told it before many times and very few seem to get it. I suppose, the ones who actually get it, are the only ones it is for. Oh well, here it is again:

Our strength is not as we have been taught, in numbers, but is instead, in our individuality. There is a place beyond all the manmade groups, creeds, doctrines, and parties which make up our modern society. It is the sacred and holy land of the individual, and few there are who find it. Most are content to stay within the herd of modern society where they feel safe, and continue to be followers for their entire lives. It is so very difficult to retain our individuality today, so as to listen to that different drummer, that beating of our own heart. So very difficult today to stay out of the herds and reject their herd mentality.

I have proven to myself that accepting my Life just as it is, without complaint or blame, has changed my Life to the point that I expect joy. I’ve learned that negative thoughts are useless and a total waste of time. I’ve learned it very difficult to correct ourselves and stop accepting the negative thoughts, because, we’ve done it for so long and nearly all in modern society accept it as natural. It is not natural!!!! A LOVE LIFE attitude toward our gift of Life is what is natural. It takes practice, refusing negative thoughts every time we can catch them. In time, we learn to identify them earlier and easier, even the ones our self-righteousness has convinced us are not negative. When we get rid of the negatives we create a space for more Love to come in. And that Love will come in. When we are positively sending out pure Love, a Love absent of blame, resentment, anger, and hatred, we will feel that same Love as it ricochets off our fellow human being. We MUST NOT expect to receive the Love we need without giving others the Love they need.

“Love is a term not to be used lightly. It may leave the lips a thousand times a day to fall straight to the floor if it doesn’t first pass through a heart unblocked by the dividing forces of anger.” ~ Steve Fugate