March 21, 2015

GOOD MORNING! And a SPECIAL good morning to all of you in Vero Beach, Florida, attending our Second Annual Love Life Walk over the Barber Bridge! Thank you so very much for showing your support to my walk and to the energetic and oh so giving efforts of the individuals of the Love Life Support Group!!!!

I am in a beautiful home on the beautiful Hudson River at The Seawall in Stony Point, NY. Talk about a beautiful area filled with the most beautiful of people!! My most gracious hosts, who are spoiling me rotten, are Dominick Posillipo and Kimberly Martinez DePatto. My friend Anthony Brigandi who I met while walking through Stony Point ten years ago on another walk around America, came and picked me up Thursday. This is the third time Anthony and I have hooked up on my walks! Sunday, we will attend the Pearl River St Paddy’s Day Parade. Monday morning I will sadly leave my precious friends and take US 202 into Jersey. I will post my route through New Jersey to Delaware before leaving on Monday. Thank you all for following my walk and for supporting me with strongly felt Love coming from all of you!!!!! LOVE LIFE… please, we need you powerful input into our world.