March 14, 2015

3/14/2015. Even though I know better, I caught myself in self-pity momentarily as I tried to keep stuff dry while breaking down my tent in the pouring rain thismorning while sloshing around in the mud. I had to remind myself that most times I wake up it’s not raining. And that the good things FAR out weigh the bad.

Walked two miles into Lakeville, CT. In the On The Run Restaurant, a father and son came in and gave me a bag of food. They said they were “Trail Angels” for the nearby Appalachian Trail. They smiled big when I told I had hiked all the AT. When I went to pay for my meal I was told a lady came in and paid before I even got there. In the laundromat drying out, the Armenian owner of Mizza’s Restaurant, brought me in a huge sub sandwich, a soda, and a piece of pizza. See what happens when we let go the negative and look only for the positive… I got rewarded! Just like always when I get my eyes off my poor little selfish self. Yea! LOVE LIFE.