March 13, 2015

Wednesday night, I was on CT route 219 in the middle of nowhere and the only possible campsite was a snow covered parking lot for an access trail to a waterfall viewing site. Under the snow was two inches of ice. After over an hour I was able to kick out a patch of blacktop to pitch my tent on. Crawled in my sleeping bag and fell right to sleep, a Dogfish Head 90 minute Imperial IPA, helped immensely. About 1:00 AM, there were headlights shining into my tent and then a female voice says, “Are you okay in there?” Well, I was. She was a Connecticut State Trooper. I told her what I was doing and she just kept saying, “Oh my God, that is so cool!” When I told her I was 68, she repeated several times, “Well God bless you!” She asked if I was warm and would I like for her to drive me to a motel. She asked that several times as well. I assured her I was okay. Another car pulled in, which she said was her partner. As she was leaving she told me to call if I changed my mind about being taken somewhere warm. I heard her telling the other trooper, “You will not believe what this guy is doing!” I heard him say, “THAT is so cool!” It was cool, about 27 degrees. Bless ALL our precious State Troopers all across this land for their devotion. They always give me a great sense of security.

I’m in an Inn near East Canaan, CT. It’s described as charming and quaint. Well let me tell you something, quaint cost money! Screw quaint. I talked them down from $209 to $137.00. Give me a Motel 6 for $45.00 any day! And there wasn’t even a breakfast provided. I sleep in a tent, this old New England charm doesn’t mean crap to me. However, the South African gentleman running the inn was much more charming than the inn itself. So, I’m happy. Delightful and enlightening conversation is always a plus. I’m not into old buildings, I’m into people. Anyway, I’m not a tourist, I’m just trying to stay warm and stay alive until I get the most valuable message in the world to as many precious people as possible… “LOVE LIFE.”