March 8, 2015

I’m gaining weight because so many people have been taking me out to eat and I’ve not been able to do much walking. Last week while still in Haverhill, MA, Neil Reed, who was one of the fiddle players at the Pickin Parlor in Candia, NH, and his wife, Debbie, drove down and took me out for dinner and IPA’s. Been feeling an awful lot of Love along with all that food too.

I have proven to myself that accepting my Life just as it is, without complaint nor blame, has changed my Life to the point that I expect joy. I am obligated to share with my fellow human being what I’ve learned. I’ve learned that negative thoughts are useless and a total waste of time. I’ve learned that it is not easy to correct ourselves and stop accepting the negative thoughts because we’ve done it for so long and nearly all in society accept it as natural. It is not natural! A LOVE LIFE attitude toward our Life is what is natural. It takes practice, refusing negative thoughts every time we can catch them. In time, we learn to identify them earlier and easier. When we get rid of the negatives we create a space for more Love to come into our Life. And that Love will come in, I give you my word on it! Please, go and LOVE LIFE.

“Love Life and pass those who may not, go around them for now and eventually they may just be riding in your draft.” ~ Steve Fugate