March 7, 2015


If I know someone who obeys all our manifested laws, absolutely does not purposely harm their fellow human being in any way, and I feel anger toward them only because they’ve made choices in their life different than my own, I then, have a serious problem. The problem is called self-righteousness. Self-righteousness is the greatest evil within the human race. Manmade politics and manmade religions are permeated with it. It causes us to believe only in our way, only in our choices. It causes us to believe we have the right to expect all others should follow our way because it is the only way. It causes division which dilutes the power of Love. And without Love, in our self-righteousness, we can even get to a point where we believe it justified to actually force our way on others.

How we all love to talk about world peace, unity, and spreading Love, yet we continue to label ourselves with dividing groups all claiming to be the right one, the only one, and the only way. We listen to politicians and preachers speaking of unity, all the while encouraging us to join their group and not the other. Which then places us in a box saying we are different from all the others in their appropriately labeled boxes and thus creates division, the absolute opposite of unity, peace, and brotherly Love. Self-righteousness is ego fed and so, is extremely difficult to detect. Unless we first see it in ourselves we will never see how prevalent it is in the world nor the danger to freedom it is.

“I jumped off the conveyor belt of manmade creeds, parties, and doctrines, and stopped joining sides. No matter which side I once chose over the other, I was still part of one half the division problem.” ~ Steve Fugate