March 7, 2015

Last Thursday morning, it was bitterly cold. The morning was warmed up considerably though when a man jumped out of his car holding a large coffee and a Danish and  said, “I drove by you and thought, bet that man sure would like a cup of hot coffee! So, I went back and got you one. Here’s a Danish and in this bag is a bunch of creams and sugar for you too.” Wow! Friday morning, a young black man in a really nice car pulled alongside me and said, “I’ve been very successful in life, I’m truly blessed, and I have to pay forward man. May I donate this to you?” He handed me a fifty. Wow! Friday night, as I walked from the grocery store in the bitter cold back to a motel room paid for by someone else, a young man stood on the corner with a sign “Homeless veteran looking for work.” I handed him a twenty. He asked, “Sure you want to give me that much?” I said “Yes. people give to me. I’m blessed, I have to pay forward man.” He said, “Wow!” LOVE LIFE, pay forward man.