March 5, 2015

3/5/2015. I was asked to repeat this. An acknowledgement of the two precious souls responsible for who I am and what I do, my children:

The pain of losing both my children is the horror of horrors. I cope now because of seeing that my constant grief kept me from loving life. My children loved their daddy with all their hearts. They would never want to see me unhappy even a moment. I owe it to my children to love life with all my heart. I must be respectful to their memory, get my eyes off me, off my pain, and give them what they would want, my peace within.

In walking alone on America’s highways; I also walked toward a personal freedom, the freedom of inner peace. The discovery there is but one person in my life I can change. A difficult task indeed, to look for faults in me and not in others, to stop blaming and simply find my own answers in life. To be an individual and follow my own heart.

Life became my mentor in my solitude following the death of my beautiful son, Stephen (Stevie) Lee Fugate and my beautiful daughter, Michelle (Shelly) Lynn Fugate Morgan. Life can teach us all we need to know to survive our particular environment, our particular circumstances, if we allow it to do so. I am ever learning, to, LOVE LIFE