March 5, 2015

3/3/2015. I’m still in a motel in Haverhill, MA. And because of the awesome kindness and generosity of some Facebook friends, I will be here until Thursday. The roads here have been plowed to a minimum leaving most of the shoulders with piled snow. There is simply no where to put the snow. It has made for very careful walking through these outskirts of Boston. Hopefully, slightly warmer daytime temps will melt some of the snow making my headway a little easier.

Some quotes friends have deemed notable over the years. Thank you, I do hope you enjoy. LOVE LIFE:

“We’ve gotten so far from reality we think reality shows are reality” ~ Steve Fugate

“Make sure all your friends think you might be a little nuts but have your neighbors convinced.” ~ Steve Fugate

“Tenacity is having enough balls to start something you were too stupid to quit when you realized you shouldn’t have started it in the first damn place!” ~ Steve Fugate

“Tell me nothing of your religion, show me only the Love you claim your religion has taught you, I’ll choose my own teachers, as did you.” ~ Steve Fugate

“As I get older my memory worsens, I seem to be losing my mind, probably the result of having given so many a piece of it over the years.” ~ Steve Fugate

“Words of Life are free please do not shake your offering plate in front of me .” ~ Steve Fugate

“Debating many a so-called, intellectual today is akin to arguing with a drunk. They’re intoxicated with their own ego. Words are their alcohol. The bigger the word the more alcohol content, and the more they talk the drunker they get, making even less sense” ~ Steve Fugate

“To follow one’s heart, one must learn to discern images perceived with eyes of colored irises from ones perceived by the eyes of the heart.” ~ Steve Fugate

“When asked rude questions, like, am I saved, I simply suggest my interrogator use the connection they must have and ask God.” ~ Steve Fugate

“I respect Atheists and apolitical people equally because they are both in rebellion from manmade stuff and for the very same reasons”. ~ Steve Fugate

“I’ve risen above the clamor of politics in a blatant display of wisdom.” ~ Steve Fugate

“Of course there are miracles today, the discovery of DNA proves that in a human population of seven billion, we are all uniquely individual one from the other, truly a miracle.” ~ Steve Fugate

“Love never separates, Love never divides the participants. Where there is division there can be no Love” ~ Steve Fugate.

“Love is a term not to be used lightly. It may leave the lips a thousand times a day to fall straight to the floor if it doesn’t first pass through a heart unblocked by the dividing forces of anger.” ~ Steve Fugate

“After telling a minister I did not attend a church, he asked how I would then be fed spiritually, and I answered, “Spiritually.” ~ Steve Fugate

“The wise are always intelligent but the intelligent are not always so wise and only the wise know the difference.” ~ Steve Fugate

“Only Love puts the broken hearted back on path to the beauty of Life and only Love of Life will light the way.” ~ Steve Fugate

“I do not have time to attend a church it takes all my time becoming one.” ~ Steve Fugate

“The faults I have look much worse on someone else and are certainly much easier to see. I am learning though, to hang an imaginary mirror on the front of them that I may more clearly see those faults.” ~ Steve Fugate

“That different drummer is the beating of your own heart.” ~ Steve Fugate

“Life does not do group therapy, there cannot be one size fits all remedies, for we are all too uniquely individual one from the other.” ~ Steve Fugate

“I cannot personally solve any of the world’s problems; and so I’ll never try, I can solve my own problems though, making every effort to not be part of the world’s problems. Perhaps that will help solve some of the world’s problems?” ~ Steve Fugate

“Love your gift of life and watch that faith to do so in every circumstance, change your life forever.” ~ Steve Fugate

“Love life with all your heart and watch your heart grow, it has to in order to contain all the love you will have coming your way.” ~ Steve Fugate

“Love is the lubricant which can make the world turn smoother.” ~ Steve Fugate

“The more I help with pain suffered by another the more my own pain is soothed” ~ Steve Fugate