March 1, 2015

A couple days ago, I saw on the front page of USA Today, “Oscar Ratings Are Down 16%” Wow, that means there may just be a chance that a few more people will notice that big beautiful “LOVE LIFE” sign going down the road on the shoulders of an old man just trying to get others to Love their own Life and Love one another, before he ends his last walk. Just how wonderful would that be if people actually started thinking that loving our Life is important because we then encourage others to Love their own Life and defeat the fear and the depression so prominent today in so VERY many of our fellow human beings. That, we could all start Loving Life so very much that we actually wanted our precious fellow human being to be able to LOVE LIFE and have joy instead of fear and depression! That we did actually care. That we could actually put the wellbeing of other human beings in front of the friggin’ Oscars! Hey, I’ll take a 16% drop as progress! On my very first walk across the U.S. in 2001, I danced all the way across the Golden Gate Bridge. So, know what I’m gonna’ do when the roads are clear of snow? I’m gonna’ dance by God! Yup, I’m gonna’ dance all the F’n way to Vero Beach, Florida! This is my last walk and I am going to get my LOVE LIFE message across by God, even if most of the country still thinks the Oscars are more important than “mending the broken heart while it is yet beating.”