February 25, 2015


Still in Portsmouth, it was still minus temps yesterday and a friend got my room another day for me. Supposed to get to a whopping 32 degrees today. Snowed more last night and night temps will be low single digits until Sunday. Supposed to reach 80 in Vero Beach today… sigh. At least I’ll be headed in the right direction when I leave shortly.

Remember to lift your head up and look straight forward when you’re walking across that parking lot, looking everyone in the face, with a smile on yours. This helps immensely in getting our eyes off ourselves and may very well help the recipient of your beautiful smile get their eyes off themselves. When I learned to get my eyes off me and onto others, miraculously it seems, my own problems began to disappear. So now I’m learning how self-centered I was with my Love keeping it all centered on me instead of aiming some of it in the direction of my fellow human being. Learning to walk across a parking lot with a smile for everyone is a great way to improve our aim.

Love your Life with all your heart and watch your heart grow, it has to in order to contain all the Love you will have coming your way. LOVE LIFE until you Love all the human beings in life not just in your life. Love is the lubricant which can make the world turn smoother.