February 22, 2015

I was once told by my good friend, Jennie Gisslow, that she felt I had an amazing capacity for Love. I do believe, key reasons for my ability to love my fellow human being in the capacity I do, is that I forced myself to Love my gift of Life no matter the horrible circumstances presented to me. And, I allowed no diversions or restrictions from the mouths of others or even from my own modern society (the herd mentality) conditioned mind, to the point where I discovered my very own unique individuality within me. A personal individuality disconnected from any other individual, from any manmade group, creed, doctrine, or party, and their attached ideologies and dogma. I have found a freedom which allows me to be totally me and only me, without any outside manmade diversions. There is then no separation between me and my fellow human being, because I’ve dismissed of the anger attached to those oh so separating manmade groups and their labels. Anger, no matter how slight, is a form of hatred, and that stops the flow of love between me and my precious fellow human beings. Love cannot contain anger and hatred. I’ve taken the initiative to remove my part of the dividing wall wrongly created in my mind, out of the way of my heart, so that my love may flow freely; I am then but loving, not arguing, thus removing reason to argue me. Anger causes division and division causes more anger… always.
Love never separates, Love never divides the participants. Where there is division there is no Love. Both manmade politics and manmade religions are extremely guilty of this division. Love is not just a word. L-O-V-E is a term used to describe the most powerful force in the universe. Love is a term not to be used lightly. It may leave the lips a thousand times a day to fall straight to the floor if it doesn’t pass first through a heart unblocked by the dividing forces of anger and hatred. Pure undiluted Love is strong enough even to allow us to Love others as we do ourselves.