February 22, 2015

I adamantly disagree with this statement, “Today’s young people have it made.” Completely untrue. Yes, today’s young people certainly have creature comforts I never had growing up. But, there is a creature that comes with those comforts, pressure. Pressure I never experienced in my youth. If there is a generation gap, it’s us older folk that are creating it. All our youth are doing, is being young. We that are older, are supposed to be the ones wiser and more understanding. Personally, I’m jumping over that generation gap.
So very many precious young people today become depressed, some even to the point of suicide, because they feel they are unable to fit into society. They become convinced there is something wrong with them. When in fact, most times, it’s not them that are broken at all. They are trying to fit into a society that’s broken. They do not understand their strength is in their individuality and not the ‘herd mentality’ of modern society. I can’t fix society, but I can try and mend the broken heart while it is yet beating by going after every young person in my path and doing my very best to convince them of how very unique and special they are, that they are in fact, each one unique in seven billion. Please Love Life with all your heart and please watch out for all our precious young people. Always try and let them know how special they really are, that they truly are unique, one in seven billion! Their DNA says so too. Love your Life, our precious young people need our positive energy. Please join me in jumping over the generation gap, equipped with Love and caring.
“There is a stick of dynamite within each of us ready to be lit when we find our own innate intrinsic individuality and break from society’s herds.” ~ Steve Fugate