February 18, 2015


Still in Portsmouth, NH just 2.5 miles from Maine. If I’m not snowed in, tomorrow or Friday, I’ll walk across into Maine and then back to the motel. And then attempt to leave Saturday, headed south. My favorite direction!

There are many who praise my Love Life attitude and my endeavors in promoting it. They claim to “get it,” and to have equal Love and respect for their fellow human being as do I. Then, I see them spewing anger, hatred, and blame toward another fellow human being for belonging to the other dividing manmade political party. Total immaturity fueled by self-righteousness. And they call each other mind numbed robots, the only time they’re both right. There is no Love in this division, for it is filled with anger, hatred, and blame, thus polluting the purity of Love and thus, removing it. They do not “get it.”

I refuse to take the label of any manmade group. Labels create walls and then shut the gates. As I’ve said many times, I cannot take down the wall of another I can only take down my own. One wall being much easier to climb than two. I love my precious fellow human being too much to separate myself from them in any way. My Love is then pure and powerful. Just keep your eyes on me, I’m going to keep proving the power of Love! LOVE LIFE.

“I’ve risen above the clamor of politics in a blatant display of wisdom.” ~ Steve Fugate