February 17, 2015

I’ve learned this really cool thing to do if I’m not feeling loved. The concept is really easy. Simply make sure I am putting out lots of love to others. The tricky part though, is getting my eyes off my own selfish little ass long enough to actually aim my thoughts toward another. But when I do get past me, I begin to feel the Love I was blaming everyone else for my not receiving. Wow, must have been my own fault the whole time! I had to learn that Love ricochets off others and right back to me. Is that cool or what, told you it was a cool thing to do. I give y’all permission to use this little trick I’ve learned, for yourself, if ever needed.

The faults I have look much worse on someone else and are certainly much easier to see. I am learning though, to hang an imaginary mirror on the front of them that I may more clearly see those faults. You also have my permission to use that little trick too, if ever needed. Now go and LOVE LIFE.