February 13, 2015


Yesterday, Tonya stopped to talk. She was born and raised in Palm Beach, Florida and retired from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department. She took a job up here 5 years ago and said she loves the people but hates the weather and misses Florida. She met me at a deli down the road and bought me lunch. A lady stopped and gave me a twenty. She told me her daughter had been murdered. We talked a little while at the side of the road. Last night Dennis & Brenda Miller from Raymond, NH, stopped just past Epping, NH, and insisted that I let them take me back to their small but very cozy, mobile home for the night! They had seen me on their way to Applebee’s for dinner and decided they were going to pick me up on the way back. They brought me some deep-fried shrimp, yummy! I spent the night with them and their two cats. Brenda fixed us breakfast this morning and they are going to drop me back on the road where they picked me up. Life really does spoil me rotten! The reason I LOVE LIFE so very much! I highly recommend Loving and appreciating our gift of Life as a way of mending the broken heart.