February 8, 2015


In walking alone on America’s highways; I also walked toward a personal freedom, the freedom of inner peace. The discovery there is but one person in my life I can change. A difficult task indeed, to look for faults in me and not in others, to stop blaming and simply find my own answers in Life. To be an individual and follow my own heart. My goal in Life is a heart governed mind.

I will Love you. I will respect you. I will respect your choices in Life. I will help you and I will give to you. I will never intentionally harm you in any way. I will obey all mandated laws established by the governing bodies. But I will never ever follow your creeds, parties, and ideologies. I will not follow your dividing politics or your dividing religions. You are human and fallible just like me. I am an individual with ideas of my own to follow. I then cannot blame anyone for anything but myself. I then am never disappointed in another because I look to no other to fulfill anything for me. Others then can be at ease around me for I require nothing of them and Love may then flow smoothly between us without walls to climb. I LOVE LIFE and I am able to Love you so much greater not having walls of manmade ideologies generating anger, blame, and hatred, dividing me from you. I believe, our power is in our individuality and not in numbers as we’ve been taught.