February 7, 2015


I am now in the home of Jim and Brenda Darroch, with their Springer Spaniel, Brewski, and three beautiful cats, Phoebe, Kiki, and Josie, in Keene, NewHampshire. Jim and I have been Facebook friends for a few years now. He is Brand Communications Manager for Eastern Mountain Sports and gave me some great gifts courtesy of EMS. A beautiful pair of leather winter gloves, an extremely warm EMS Polartec jacket with hood and two pair of Darn Tough Socks. Plus, a really cool combination tent lantern and emergency flasher, and some other useful goodies. Jim and Brenda, knowing more snow was on the way, contacted me and graciously opened their beautiful home to me… wow.

What is the greatest single gift to everything living? The answer of course, Life. Without Life, absolutely nothing can be accomplished by plant or animal. This means, we, the human species of animal, as well, can do absolutely nothing without Life. Life is our greatest gift. The greatest gift no matter where an individual believes it comes from. No matter whether one believes that it just happens, or that it originates from a particular source of power. And within that gift of Life to us humans, is a most magnificent power, the power of Love! If we have Life we have that magnificent power available to us. Love is pure, it is absent of fear, blame, anger, hatred, lust, and greed. None of these can be contained within real and pure love. They dilute and pollute the purity of a heart felt Love, greatly diminishing its power, thus lessening unity with our fellow human being. Let’s LOVE our gift of LIFE until the real and pure Love, void of negatives and evils, becomes the guiding light for our path through this wonderful Life.