February 6, 2015

2/6/2015. I’m repeating this because I believe in these words so very much and because I Love you all so very much:

I firmly believe that because each and every one of us is so truly unique one from the other, that each of us is equipped from within with our own answers in Life. If one can but push past the tears and the ache in their precious heart, there is a place of rest within. A sanctuary within which allows us to deal with the pain in our own special and unique way. A unique way hard-wired into our very being already there waiting for a great act of faith to be shouted out into the wide open ears of the universe: “I Love Life!” You are then telling the universe how much you do truly love and appreciate your gift of life and that you are then trusting that everything will be okay. And it most assuredly will get okay. Anything short of love and appreciation for our beautiful gift of life is a negative and negative never accomplishes anything and serves absolutely no good purpose. We are all created equal in our rights to the universal laws, those laws of life. It is about Love ladies and gentlemen, only Love, Love, and more Love! So please, push on and love the gift of life we’ve been so wonderfully blessed with my friends. Over my head as I walk, the two most powerful words in the Universe have been put together, “LOVE LIFE.”