February 5, 2015

2/5/2015. I have lost both my children. My babies are gone. The Love they had for me insist that I have joy in my Life. And so, in respect to their memory, by God, no matter what is presented to me daily, I’m going to push on past it and I’m going to give my two angels, Shelly and Stevie, what they want for their daddy. I’m going to Love Life. I’m going to Love my Life just as it is. If I can LOVE LIFE just about anyone can. So please, push on past your pain, past your dread, and past all fear, to grasp hold of the tool provided you, your own distinct, innate, and oh so unique, individuality. Within each our own unique individuality, are the answers to all that is placed in our path during our entire walk through this most beautiful and wonderful Life given us. When we insist on loving our gift of Life no matter what, we begin to see and then establish a faith in the power contained within our Life, as we continually have positive results in loving it instead of fearing it. LOVE LIFE with all your heart, I can give you my word, it works!