February 2, 2015

2/2/2015. There is only one person in this life we can change, and that is ourselves. Worrying about what anyone else does is a total waste of time because we cannot change them. But you can change yourself; you can change yourself into someone confident and strong enough to allow no one else’s attitude or actions to deter you from being you. All the things we go through in life are but sculpting tools used to shape us into a better person. We all have the ability to handle all our own problems. The bad things we’ve had to face in our life become tools for making us a better person by converting them into lessons on how to better understand ourselves. Understanding ourselves and looking at our own faults to correct, instead of the faults of another which we cannot correct, make us much less judging and much more understanding of those others. This is the only way to a genuine pure Love and respect for all our fellow human beings, instead of just the words saying we Love all others. A good person is a person who loves others. We become a better person when we stop the self-pity, the blame, and let go the anger and move forward, forward toward maturity. I never started maturing until I saw these truths. I was 54 years old when I started really maturing.

Had I allowed self-pity to persist in my life after the deaths of both my children, I would either no longer be on this earth or I would have gone completely insane. The single hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life other than bury my babies, was to convert my heart wrenching pain into a positive energy directed at others and away from myself. The world is changed each time one of us gets our eyes off ourselves and allow our real purpose in life, love and concern for our fellow human being, to come forward. Please, LOVE LIFE.